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Bed Bug Eradication

For professional and affordable help with flea or bed bug eradication in Gloucester, call in our experts! These biting insects are more than just a nuisance, they can also be a potential health issue. As bloodsuckers, fleas and bed bugs can cause skin irritation, particularly problematic to people with sensitivities or allergies. We provide effective and expert control services to remove these critters from homes and businesses.

About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are fairly small (around 5 mm at maximum size), reddish-brown in colour, and have a flat oval body. Unlike lice, they do not travel on people. Instead, they may hitch a ride on everyday objects such as luggage, clothes, or other personal belongings. They are impartial to cleanliness and can reside in any property, regardless of condition. Additionally, bed bugs don’t ONLY dwell in beds, happily taking refuge in cluttered areas, carpets, clothes, drawers, or skirtings

Signs Of Bed Bugs

As well as physically seeing bed bugs, other signs include:

Flea Control

Fleas are yet another parasitic insect that plague UK homes. Often transported on pets, livestock, and wild animals, a flea infestation can be a nightmare. Near impossible to spot thanks to their tiny size, a flea’s bite can cause very intense itching and even hives. With a continued source of food, fleas will also reproduce, resulting in a greater infestation if left unchecked. Signs there are fleas in your home or business include itchy bites, pets scratching, black specks, or you might even spot them jumping!

Bed Bug and Flea Treatment

Using a range of tried and tested treatments, including reliable trade supplied insecticides and chemicals not available over the counter, we can put an end to parasitic insect infestations. Call us to discuss our processes in more depth or to book our services.

Call Adam Lott Pest Control

Have parasites got you feeling itchy? Call us now for affordable, professional flea and bed bug eradication in Gloucester and surrounding areas.

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