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Commercial Pest Control

Our company has been operating region-wide for over 15 years, providing commercial pest control in Gloucester and beyond. We are RSPH and BPCA approved contractors, and provide professional services that are compliant with all current legislation. The impact that pests can have on businesses can be catastrophic, posing a particular risk to the hospitality and retail sectors. An infestation in restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, cafes, holiday resorts, and factories can result in lengthy closures and legal action. We go the extra mile to provide efficient and proactive services so that businesses can stay operational, safe, and hygenic. If you require commercial extermination, call us today for a free site evaluation and no obligation quotation.

Insect Control Services

The most common insect infestations faced by commercial customers are flies, wasps, bed bugs, and cockroaches; especially in restaurants and hotels. Food and accommodation providers experience high foot traffic, as well as presenting a smorgasbord of delights for hungry creepy-crawlies. If insects are affecting your business’s performance and cleanliness, or upsetting your customers, call us now to arrange prompt extermination services.

Rodent Control Services

Rodents, particularly rats and mice, are a common problem for many businesses. Attracted to food and warmth, rodents can set up home at your premises and quickly breed, until numbers become substantial. Leaving a trail of urine and droppings in their wake, rodents also harbour a multitude of diseases and bacteria which can be very harmful to our health. Therefore, to avoid endangering customers and staff or risking closure, a rodent infestation should be dealt with as a matter of urgency. Call us promptly if you spot a rat or mouse or see signs of rodents at your establishment.

Bird Control Services

More of a nuisance than a health issue, birds, particularly pigeons and gulls, can cause issues for your customers. Whether it is defecating on their cars or person, to stealing their food, the presence of pigeons on your property can cause a headache. We are able to remove bird nests from your building, as well as install a selection of effective deterrents to prevent their return. Call us today for more information.

Pest Management Contracts

In addition to dealing with current infestations, we also offer competitively priced pest management controls to monitor the presence of pests and avoid infestation occurring. This can be an effective way of protecting your business and its customers without the need for more expensive extermination treatments of costly closures.

Commercial Pest Control Equipment

We can also supply, install and/or apply a range of pest control products and equipment suitable for commercial premises, including:

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For commercial pest control in Gloucester and the wider area including Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Oxford and Bristol, call us today.

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