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Insect Control

We are specialists in insect control operating in Gloucester, Cheltenham, Stroud, and surrounding areas. As well as stinging and parasitic insects, we can also deal with a range of other critters that cause a nuisance. Our company implement a range of pest control techniques, as well as a variety of professional-grade insecticides and chemicals, to tackle household insect infestations. Not to mention, our rates are competitive and our services are efficient. Give us a call for more information.

Moth Infestation

Moth infestations can be problematic as the larvae have a taste for fabric. Hatching from sticky eggs, they will happily munch their way through soiled clothes, curtains, bed linens, wool, carpets, and upholstery. Aside from seeing adult moths, maggots, cases, and pupae, holes in fabrics or clothing can indicate a moth infestation. We tackle this using sprays, powders, or insecticidal fogging, and treatment is usually complete with 24 hrs.

Ant Infestation

Garden ants cause little harm to plants, however, their nests and behaviours can cause aestetic issues for gardeners. Furthermore, if the nest is close to homes or businesses, waste food may attract them indoors. You may have witnessed ant conga lines, from doors or windows to the kitchen. While fascinating, if a source of food has been found then ants will likely become a reoccurring nuisance. We work with a range of treatment options depending on the extent of the ant infestation and will advise on the best course when we visit.

Fly Infestation

A fly infestation is a health and hygiene nightmare. They feed by excreting digestive enzymes onto food surfaces and re-consuming it. In combination with an attraction to faeces, flies can spread bacteria far and wide. This has the potential to cause food poisoning and other illnesses, and flys can even transport parasitic worms. There are many home remedies to treat problem flys. However, in some cases, pest control intervention may be needed. For example, if large volumes of flies are in the wall or window cavities, or for food establishments with fly problems. Call us today for expert advice or to arrange treatment.

Other Problem Insects

Other problem insects we can help with include:

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