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Rat Control

If you need help with rat control in Gloucester, then get in touch today. Rat infestations can be detrimental to both homes and commercial properties and wreak havoc on public health. Transporting harmful disease and leaving waste and property damage behind them, rats can cause plenty of destruction and illness, and can even close down businesses. We have been providing professional extermination throughout the region for over a decade, using industry-approved methods. So, if rats have got your hair standing on end, give us a call!

About Rats

The largest variety of rat in the UK is the brown rat, capable of reaching over half a kilo in weight and reaching over 40 cm from nose to tail. Meanwhile, the black rat is smaller, with less hair and a pointed snout. Rats harbour a number of unpleasant diseases, including salmonella and listeria, on their bodies and in the trails of urine and faeces they leave in their wake. They are attracted to food, water and shelter and can breed rapidly, leading to severe infestation.

Signs Of Rat Infestation

Aside from seeing rats, which is common as they are surprisingly brazen, other signs of an infestation include:

How To Get Rid Of Rats

Prevention techniques include removing food sources and laying traps routinely. However, if an infestation has taken hold, you may need to get in the professionals. We use a combination of professional-grade traps and poisons to control and remove rat infestations. This process can take a number of days or weeks to complete depending on the extent of the problem. We will consult with you before and during the treatment to keep you updated.

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