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Wasp Nest Removal

Removing a wasp nest is dangerous and should be left to the experts. Disrupting a wasps nest can result in swarm agitation and multiple stings. This can be particularly hazardous to those with sensitivities to insect stings and may even cause anaphylactic shock. We provide professional and safe solutions for wasp nest removal in Gloucester, Cheltenham, Stroud, and surrounding areas. So, if you have a wasp problem at your home or business, call us today for a rapid response.

About Wasps

With their distinctive bright yellow and black stripes and elongated pointed abdomen, the wasp is far from well-liked. They have a reputation for being needlessly aggressive, however, most will only sting defensively. That said, when a wasp is distressed, it releases a pheromone that warns other wasps nearby, like calling for back-up. So, swatting at wasps is likely to be counterproductive. Wasps can be mistaken for the larger and more aggressive hornet or even the humble bee, which are protected. So, if you are unsure if it is wasps you are dealing with, we can help with accurate identification.

Wasp Control

Wasp control is not for the inexperienced, as the insects will feel threatened and can become aggressive. Using professional-grade insecticides we treat the nest, remove it safely, and disposed of it. Wasps nest in sheltered spots, such as wall crevices, under trees, or the eaves of buildings, and can house anything from a few to a few thousand insects, depending on the time of year. If a nest has become a public health concern, whether near your home or business, give us a call.

Protecting Our Bees

Protecting our bees is essential, as they are a vital part of the food chain. Not to mention, bees are typically docile and avoid people. However, on occasion, bees may set up home in an area that poses a risk to public safety. If bees have become an issue, we are able to carefully and humanely rehome them.

Contact Adam Lott Pest Control

Call us today if you need wasp nest removal in Gloucester, or bees have set up an inconvenient camp. We offer, affordable, safe and reliable pest control services throughout the local and surrounding areas.

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