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Pest Prevention

An unwelcome invasion of insects or rodents is unpleasant for property owners and can impact businesses and public health. Pest prevention is of course preferable to pest control, so we have compiled some helpful guidance to minimise the likelihood of pest problems developing. However, with so many nooks and crannies to explore, pest prevention is far from foolproof as critters will continue to adapt to their environments. If an infestation has taken hold at your premises, do not hesitate to arrange professional extermination services.

Preventing Rodent Infestations

Typically, most vermin are attracted to food and warmth. So, the best way to prevent rodent infestations is to keep food sources covered and inaccessible. Many of us enjoy feeding wild birds and hedgehogs, however, this can also attract less appealing visitors. So, if rats and mice are problematic in your area, this is best avoided. Be sure to:

Preventing Insect Infestations

Much like rodents, the best prevention techniques for insects is to remove food, shelter, and water. Remove waste from your home regularly and move clutter that may act as a hideaway. Also, minimise the number of potential entry points by sealing gaps and repairing cracks in walls and floors. Finally, regular housekeeping and practising good hygiene can help reduce the likelihood of insects calling your house, or business, home.

Preventing Birds from Nesting

There are a number of ways to prevent birds from nesting in the roof or sill of your property. We supply and install a selection of bird spikes, netting and other deterrents to keep feathered visitors at a comfortable distance. Other methods used to deter birds include bird scarers, often resembling predator animals, as well as removing any food sources from your garden or grounds that may be attracting them.

Contact Adam Lott Pest Control

If it is too late for pest prevention and roaches, bed bugs, rats, moles, pigeons or other uninvited guests have set up camp, then get in touch. We provide affordable, professional pest control services in Gloucester and all the surrounding areas.

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