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The Most Common Signs That You Could Have A Pest Problem


Pest control is a fantastic way of removing nuisance animals and insects from your property. However, sometimes it can be difficult to spot the signs that you have an issue. Infestations are obvious and usually impact your day-to-day life quite severely, but spotting a problem before it becomes an infestation can be essential in saving cost, and property damage.

To help you assess, and control pests within your home, we’ve created a list of the common signs to look out for, so you can get ahead of it.

Visible Damage

The first sign to look out for is visible damage within your property. Certain insects damage timber products, and rodents love to chew anything and everything. If you’ve noticed minor damage around your home, then this could be a surefire sign that you have a growing pest problem. We recommend contacting a professional pest control service in this instance. As a result, you could prevent further damage, and stop an infestation in its tracks.


Another obvious sign of pest problems is visible excrement. This is prominent in rodents. Rats, mice and even squirrels will leave droppings as a breadcrumb trail to their plans for destruction within your home. It’s particularly important to contact an expert pest control service in this scenario, as not only do these small rodents have the potential for expensive damage, but their excrement is extremely unhygienic, and can even spread diseases such as leptospirosis.


Electrical Issues

If you’ve been noticing electrical issues in your home, then this is also a sign of pest problems. Rodents and even insects can cause damage to circuitry, and this can result in issues such as intermittent lighting, broken plug sockets and even fuse tripping. Hiring an electrician can be a costly repair, so it’s wise to get in touch with a local pest control service to mitigate damage and remove the threat.

broken cable


A great way of catching a pest problem before it grows out of hand is by listening, especially at night. Nuisance insects and animals tend to do their best work under the cloak of darkness. So if you can hear scratching, buzzing, or any other strange issues, then contact a pest control professional soon to investigate.

Contact Adam Lott Pest Control For A Prompt, Professional Service

If you’re looking for pest control from a service you can trust, then get in touch with Adam Lott Pest Control. We specialise in all aspects of pest problems from minor issues to full-blown infestations. We’re a member of the Royal Society For Public Health and the British Pest Control Association, so you can be confident in our work.


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